I (Amy Schloerb, The Aligned Actor™, and Lake Foote, LLC) will not sell your data.

If you choose to "opt-in" and give me data such as your name and email address in order to be added to my newsletter mailing list or obtain a freebie, it will be stored securely within Kajabi (my email service provider). You may request removal of your data at any time by clicking "unsubscribe" on one of my emails, or contacting me directly at [email protected], and I will remove you from my mailing list.

I promise I will never spam you. One of the things I CANNOT STAND is when I "opt-in" for a freebie or subscribe to a newsletter I think looks interesting and then all of a sudden it's like I turned on a facet of marketing mayhem. No, thank you. We have to get to know each other. If we met out in the real world and you said, "Hey, I like what you're doing! Please, keep in touch.", it would be inappropriate for me to take that as a blanket invitation to just keep showing up at your house and telling you every little thing about myself for days and weeks on end. You'd stop answering the door, which is exactly what I do with folks that email too much. I stop opening the emails.

Additionally, as an actress, I especially respect and hold sacred an individual’s rights to privacy, confidentiality, and exclusive control over their identities and stories. Any recorded workshops will be edited to protect participants' identity, privacy, and confidentiality.

If you make a purchase, I do not have access to your payment information. I use Stripe to process payments securely. 

The more formal version of all of this...

The Lake Foote, LLC DBA The Aligned Actor PRIVACY POLICY for The Aligned Actor™ Website is hosted on the site below.