You know that new desire feeling?

.....New House.....Dream Job.....Lasting Love.....New Car.....Beach Vacation.....

You can see it, hear it, and even feel the experience of it in your mind and body.

You get that excited pull towards it.

I’m gonna manifest this!

You're determined. You've declared it. You’re aligned, inspired, and nothing can stop you. Even tasks that some might consider “hard work” feel more like exciting, interesting challenges that you conquer with ease and confidence.

And, because you’re a super smart deliberate creator, you know a crystal clear focus can bring your entire being into vibrational alignment in a powerful way. Additionally, staying squarely focused on your desire is the best way to stay inspired, motivated, and confident as you work with the universe to manifest it into your reality. And, of course, one of the most powerful ways to maintain focus is through visualization.

But how many times have you started conjuring a picture of your desire in your mind’s eye only to lose focus super fast?

I am visualizing my dream home....

“Oh! I gotta add milk to the shopping list!”

Focus. Dream home...I think I see it....

“Crap! I need to mail that bill!”

Gah! Shut up, brain!

Or worse, your gremlins start offering their unsolicited opinions just like those annoying friends who can’t shut up on movie night.

My dream home...

“That is totally unrealistic!”

In my dream neighborhood...

“Bahahaha! That would never happen!”

Walking distance to great restaurants and cute shops...

“We're not buying this at all!”


Why is it so hard to stay focused on what we want?!

When we visualize on our own, we have to create the movie, watch it, and shush the critics ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It’s too much! This multitasking is exhausting and it's messing up your magic! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone lovingly guide you through your visualization so you don't have to do anything but experience alignment with your bright and glorious future?

Well, you’re in luck because that’s my jam!

Hi! I'm Amy Schloerb, The Aligned Actor.

As a professional actress and LOA-savvy mindset coach, I can put my powerful imagination, story-telling skills, and knowledge of deliberate creation to work for you and the highest good of all involved. 

I will guide you through a fully-custom and immersive visualization where you can experience the rich world of your desire and stay engaged from start to finish! 

All you’ll have to do is push play, relax, and enjoy the world we open up inside your imagination. 

Let's get you focused, aligned, inspired, motivated, and energized as you journey toward your desire.

 And that's just the beginning....


This offer includes 3 incredibly powerful manifesting tools:

A fully customized guided visualization set to relaxing music.

The written, first-person, “I am” version of your visualization that you can use for verbal scripting and embodiment practice.

Personalized affirmations inspired by your visualization that you can use for written, verbal, or visual focusing practices.

We will get you focused, aligned, and experiencing the pull of your dream like never before.

You will be seeing it, speaking it, writing it, becoming it - literally attacking this desire from multiple manifesting angles!


We’ve all heard that visualization is wonderful way to align the subconscious mind to support the manifestation of your goals.


Now, imagine a visualization that is specifically designed for you! Now, that is powerful.


Amy kicks-off the process by having you answer a few questions about your goals. She wants to engage all your senses, so it’s super fun and clarifying just answering her questions. She then creates a script which you can review and edit. Then she designs a custom visualization that reflects specifics on what you are trying to create. You even hear your name mentioned throughout the visualization.


I started seeing a shift in my energy right away and after a few uses, I even manifested my goal! I’m going to continue using the visualization to help shape my experience in the way I want it to go.


Amy’s voice is soothing, and the pace of her narration is just perfect.


Amy’s custom designed visualization is a no-brainer!

-Kruti Kapadia

What Amy has developed is total genius! Amy will go through your desires and then convert it into a visualization which is produced in audio format. Because of Amy's voice the visualization is very pleasant & relaxing to hear you will feel that you are on cloud nine. I have noticed since listening to Amy's visualization that internally I am beginning to feel a lot of shifts. My big advice is to keep listening to Amy's visualization to get the results you desire.

-Guillaume Maurice

Amy has done something clever and unique and brilliant:  taking one of my favorite dream manifestations and bringing it to life in a handy audio format! She is very skillful in guiding me into embodying the experience, and the way she narrated and produced the recording is so pleasurable! This may very well be my new favorite way to ‘visualize’ the realization of my heart's desires. 

-Veronica Graves

Let's do this!

We can complete your entire Custom Guided Visualization over Google Forms and email!

This form contains my podcast episode on visualization and powerful questions to get us started crafting your Custom Guided Visualization. 

Just listening to this episode and engaging in the writing process will help you activate your magic, and it's my gift to you whether you move forward with the formal creation process of a Custom Guided Visualization or not.

After you submit your responses, I'll reach out via email to see if you would like my help in taking your visualization to the next level. If you decide to move forward, I'll send you an invoice so that I can start my script writing process.

Within a few days I’ll send you a draft of the script and we’ll make any final adjustments you like.

Once you approve the final script, I’ll record your visualization, set it to relaxing music, and send it to you via WeTransfer, along with a PDF of the “I am…” version and your personalized affirmations.

If you have any questions, or need assistance at all, please reach out via my contact form.