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Coaching can help you...
  • Clarify a goal or desire

    • First of all we have to make sure your  goal is actually YOUR goal (not someone else's expectation). We'll get curious about why you want it and then make sure that desire is strong enough to pull you forward on your path. Then we'll get clear on exactly what your desired goal looks like, and more importantly, what it feels like.

  • Craft a roadmap to your desire using a combination of focus and identity shifting.

    • ​Focusing on what you are intentionally creating in your life activates inspiration like nothing else. I've used this technique personally to manifest many things in my life. And the magic goes even further when you start bringing your whole being to the party. Who do you need to become to have what you want in life? We'll explore together and you'll craft simple yet powerful beliefs, thoughts, habits, and behaviors designed to help you embody who you truly want to be in life.​​

  • Create an energy boosting self care plan so you can enjoy your life and create your amazing future with ease.

    • It takes A LOT of energy to make and sustain change in your life. When I learned this in coach training I was surprised, but suddenly many things made sense. The fact that I had struggled in the past to make desired changes in my life was no longer due to a personality flaw or my lack of willpower. My brain and body just needed more care while learning and adapting to the changes I was making. This is why babies sleep so much! Their brains are creating new neural pathways and figuring out how to move their bodies in the world. We recognize it as child development and we nurture our children with the support and care that they need for that continuing process. When you intentionally make changes in your life as an adult it's called personal development and just like child development, it requires proper energy in the form of self care to make it happen successfully.

  • Identify and eliminate self-imposed limitations that are keeping you stuck.

    • Maybe there's a subconscious payoff for staying right where you are. Maybe you're spending all your time listening to thoughts in your mind that aren't even true. Maybe it's hard to keep commitments to yourself because you are used to giving everyone around you your time and attention. Maybe you don't think you're worthy or deserving of what you want in life. Maybe your current reality is so all-consuming that you can't even imagine something better. These are the kind of limitations we put on ourselves as beautifully complex human beings that make life change harder to create. Fortunately, with awareness and inner work you can get out of the muck.​

  • Tame your gremlins and hand the megaphone of your mind to your inner cheerleader.

    • Coaches have a superpower. We can hear it when one of your gremlins wrestles the mic away from your true inner being. It sounds something like this, "I really want to write a book! I have this great idea and I'm lit up about it! I see it very clearly.....but, you know, maybe that's not something I can do. Never mind." The former part of that inner dialogue is YOU, the real you. The latter is an annoying gremlin who is just a manifestation of your brain trying to keep you safe in the familiar. In the beginning, a coach can be a valuable cheerleader and gremlin wrangler, and with a little practice you'll shush those evil-doers yourself and tune into your own inner cheerleader. Go team!​​


  • Create affirmations that serve your forward momentum AND the plan to actually use them.

    • You are repeating affirmations to yourself all day long that do not serve you. "I can't get ahead." "My car is a piece of crap." "My dog is adorable!" (Okay, this last one serves you). Most of the daily thoughts you think are just affirmations that reflect and uphold your current reality. Wouldn't it make sense to intentionally engage thoughts that set you up to achieve what you want instead of ones that keep you stuck and uninspired? That's the power of affirmations. Together we'll craft them and create a plan for you to incorporate them so fully into your life that they become the dominant chatter in your mind.​

  • Tune into and trust your own inner guidance and intuition.

    • YOU ​are the expert in your life and when you begin to trust your own inner guidance, life feels free in a whole new way. Learning to trust yourself can be scary at first, especially if you’ve spent a long time looking for answers outside of yourself (hello, been there). My promise to you is that I will always direct you back to yourself for the deepest answers as we work toward whatever you want in life. Over the course of our work together you’ll feel more and more in tune with your inner guidance. 

  • Create a rewarding habit of celebrating your progress. 

    • ​ABC is my favorite life motto. It stands for “Always Be Celebrating!” *party blower* *confetti throw*. Celebration causes us to shift our focus away from how far we have left to go, and instead focus on how far we have already come. This intentional focus makes it easier to maintain forward momentum. When you take time to acknowledge and celebrate anything and everything you can in life, you cultivate a mindset of confidence, appreciation, and self-esteem and you allow your progress to build on itself. 

  • Add more joy to your daily life.

    • ​News flash! “The thing” you desire (the car, the sweetheart, the job, etc) isn’t going to make you as happy as you think it will in the long run. Of course, you want what you want and you deserve to have it…AND you need to be aware that it will not magically transform your life. Overall life satisfaction and happiness is actually a product of all the small things that add joy and ease to your life, not the big stuff. So, as we work toward “the thing” we’ll also work toward finding ways to upgrade your day-to-day quality of life, making small shifts here and there which will add up over time and increase your general level of happiness. 

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