We are Aligned Actors!

aligned actor noun

a person who aligns with the feeling of their dream as a source of inspiration for their actions.


I'm Amy Schloerb. I'm a professional actress and mindset coach on a mission to help my fellow humans show up eager and emboldened in life. Being a human can be complex and confusing, but l’ve never gone wrong taking action from a place of genuine inspiration. Together we will get you back in touch with the dreams that started you on this journey, and the pull of that deep joy will guide you to your true success!

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The Aligned Actor Musings

A collection of ​experiences and insights on manifesting and navigating an acting career for fellow actors and conscious creators.


The Aligned Actor Podcast

The podcast for actors where we improve our mindsets and explore manifestation practices in an effort to align ourselves with our goals and put our unique skills as actors to use in becoming amazing conscious creators!


The Aligned Actor Community

A private Facebook group exclusively for Aligned Actors looking to manifest their dreams with the support of a positive community! Together we share our visions and help each other consciously create our careers.

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