I'm Amy Schloerb, The Aligned Actor. I am a professional actor who life coaches people along fun and fulfilling journeys from where they are right now to where they truly want to be. I love working with people from all walks of life who are ready to team up with a coach who is excited to help them create lives they love.

Here’s a brief overview of my coaching process:

First, we prepare for your journey by getting cool with life as it stands right now. Wait, what? Yup! It takes extra energy to make and sustain change in our lives, so first we gotta make sure your life right now can support you as you progress toward your dreams and desires. Think of it as packing your knapsack and getting a really good night’s sleep before your journey.

Then, we figure out where you're going. Likely, this is what brought you to coaching in the first place. We’ll dig deep into your desires and get clear on the shifts in thoughts, beliefs, and habits required to get you there. This becomes the map for your journey.

Along the way, we may encounter some speed bumps, potholes, and a couple of obnoxious inner gremlins. Not to worry, together we’ll navigate all the stuff we beautifully complex humans tend to throw in our way as we transform into the next, best version of ourselves. And I’ll be right there with you, like Glinda The Good Witch, cheering you on and reminding you that you’ve had the power within you all along.

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What clients say...

Amy helps me connect with my true self. After the loss of my mother, Amy has helped me navigate grief with an approach that is both gentle and direct, guiding me to embrace the underlying feelings, and helping me focus on much-needed self-care. Amy helps me identify core mindset shifts which are helping me launch a new business without sacrificing my wellbeing. Time with Amy is as natural and comfortable as hanging with a friend, but enlightening as though I've had a conversation with my inner self. I feel clarity and empowerment every time we meet. Thanks so much Amy! 

- Thomas Edward

Working with Amy has been an absolute game changer. I feel more confident in my work, more confident in myself, and more confident in my daily life. I approach my work with a stronger sense of peace and trust. My creativity is at an all time high, and my performances are more honest and grounded.

I couldn’t recommend enough!

- Kara S.

I started working with Amy halfway through the pandemic and it has been the best way to ground myself during such a tumultuous time. My life has gently shifted, gradually aligning with my goals in an organic, authentic way. Amy is a wonderful coach!  She is professional while still being caring and effective. We set goals, examine perspectives, make plans, and check in on those plans. She helps me daydream, something I’ve never been good at, which helps me recognize the exciting possibilities for my life. I leave each session feeling inspired

and more at ease with who I am. 

- Judith Shelton

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