Hi! I'm...

As you can see from my snazzy logo, I’m an actor (#SAGAFTRAstrong), a life coach, and a practitioner of mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming. 

I’m guessing you’re here because you saw something I shared online and it resonated with you. Maybe it was a YouTube video or a social media post. You decided you wanted to know more about me and now you’re here. 

Welcome to my world!

I call myself and my coaching business "The Aligned Actor" because I am an actor, I love alliteration, and I live my life by first aligning with my goals and desires, and then taking action to make them part of my reality. 

Being an aligned actor means focusing on what I want for my life and connecting to that vision on an embodied level - What does it feel like to have what I want? What does it feel like to be who I truly want to be? - Connecting to those feelings allows me to stay inspired, motivated, and moving toward everything I desire for my life.

I can help you become an 'aligned actor' within your own life.

Additionally, my background as an actor makes me an intuitive, open-hearted coach. Acting and coaching are both about immersing yourself fully in the present moment - listening, responding, exploring, sharing, and creating with total empathy and vulnerability. 

I will see you, accept you, and honor you exactly where you are and help you find your way to wherever you want to be in life. We will connect, align, create, and joyfully celebrate every step of your journey.

Please scroll around and use the links above to find out more about me and my work. If you have any questions, please reach out via my contact form.