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The Year of Exploration is an intentional journey through the worlds of mindset and manifestation designed to radically improve your life in

the best way possible: 

Wouldn't it be nice to…

  • Optimize your self care so that you’re actually caring for your body, mind, and spirit on a daily basis
  • Find a way to love yourself that feels real and genuine, not like a sappy greeting card
  • Become more aware and mindful of your inner and outer worlds so that you can be more present in the life that you choose
  • Discover how you can better handle life’s challenges with more ease and grace
  • Figure out what you really want in life instead of just doing what’s expected
  • Hone your focus intentionally so that you keep moving in the direction you want
  • Become the version of yourself that can do anything you decide to do
  • Recognize and follow your intuition and inner guidance
  • Figure out what’s getting in your way and make a plan to remove those self-sabotaging roadblocks
  • Recognize and tame your inner critic and other “gremlin” voices
  • Practice gratitude and appreciation for what you love
  • Learn to trust your own unique process for making change in YOUR life

 This is a journey of truly PERSONAL development, combining self-study modules with supportive and engaging community discussions.



Pre-recorded videos introduce a new topic each month while workbooks allow for deeper reflection and personal examination of the topic and the relationship YOU want with it. 

This is essentially the same work that we would do together if you were a private client, but presented in a self-study style. You’ll learn at your pace and make everything your own so that it can stick for good.

Bi-Monthly Zoom



Twice a month you'll have the opportunity to engage with your fellow explorers, discuss your personal findings, and learn from each other.

When we come together in community we leverage the power of the group and take our personal development to the next level. You truly get the best of both worlds in this hybrid self-study and community model.

Here's the territory you'll explore on your journey...


Self Care

News flash! Personal development work and manifesting your desires takes ENERGY. A strong self care routine is how you create energy for everything you want to do in life. Jump start your year by building a unique, energy-boosting, self care plan and you will be unstoppable.



Self Love

With your self care routine in place, you’ll begin directing that TLC inward by practicing self love. You will learn to amp up your thoughts of support and encouragement to create a mental environment that will set you up for success. 



Having established a strong grounding in self care and self love, you will begin intentionally cultivating your recognition of what’s going on within and around you. The ability to heighten your awareness will serve you in all areas of your life.


Rolling with the Ughs (aka Contrast)

​Using your solid base of awareness, self love, and self care (along with proven stress relievers) you will learn how to gracefully roll with whatever life throws at you knowing what you don't want can clarify what you DO want.



It’s time to get clear on what YOU want for YOUR life! You will explore deep within yourself to discover what YOU (not your family or society) really want - what it looks like, and more importantly, what it feels like.



Let the deliberate creation process begin! You will learn how to harness the power of your focus and understand why feeling all of your emotions (even the “negative” ones) will not hinder your manifesting practice.


Identity Shifting

As you’re training your focus on what you want, it’s time to bring your whole being on board! You will specifically create, nurture, and cultivate the identity you need to embody in order to manifest your desires.


Inspired Action

Focus plus identity equals inspired action! You will begin to recognize nudges, impulses, and inspirations born out of your intentional focus and identity shifting.



Oops! Detour! Usually, at some point along the journey to our desires, we get in our own way. In this module, you will discover, acknowledge, and gain the tools to tackle the specific roadblocks that are keeping you stuck.



It’s time to tackle and tame the most personal and ever-persistent roadblock, your gremlins! They’re mean, have the voice of your high school gym teacher, and you’re ready to tell them to hit the showers!



After wrestling with your roadblocks and gremlins, you will shift focus to explore and cultivate one of life’s most powerful practices.


Trust YOUR Process

You’ll wrap up your exploration by celebrating how far you’ve come! You will also recognize that your exploration in all of these areas (and life in general) is an ever-evolving and ongoing process that you must navigate with grace.

We’re all wonderfully unique and our personal development journey should reflect that. I’ll guide you to “eat the fish and spit out the bones” so that your mindset and manifesting work can be as one-of-a-kind and original as you are.

And because inner work is never a "one-and-done" kind of deal, you have lifetime access to this material (and any updates) so you can revisit topics as often as you need and your relationship with each will continue to change over time. I live in this work on a daily basis and I can honestly say that making it a lifestyle is what has helped me get the most lasting benefits and results. It’s a practice, a way of life, and who I am now. I know the benefits of this work first hand, and I am so excited to share it with you!

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Whoa…who exactly are you and why should I work with you?

Hi, I'm Amy Schloerb

I’m a professional actress and certified life coach in love with all things mindset and manifesting. Call it personal development, self help, inner work, deliberate creation, conscious creation, it’s all about finding the best way for me to make intentional change and create exactly what I want in my life. 

Like many, my first introduction to manifestation came from the movie The Secret. I watched it with a friend, found it interesting, and then attempted to only think happy, positive thoughts because I was terrified that thinking anything else would lead to manifesting utter devastation.

I read some books, took some workshops, gained more and more understanding, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe University that my understanding of deliberate creation became much calmer and clearer.

I learned that manifesting is not just thinking “the happiest, best possible thoughts” so that I only manifest the happiest, best possible outcomes. It’s about gently turning away from limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold me back, and instead focusing on “better feeling thoughts” that inspire me forward to create the life I want.

For me, manifesting is about leveraging my ability to evaluate, adjust, and focus my thoughts about myself and the world around me in a way that allows me to enjoy life more and take inspired action to create what I want. And it’s definitely not about completely shutting out any and all negative feelings, but instead about experiencing and processing all of my feelings so that they don’t inhibit me.

Engaging principles of deliberate creation has brought success to my career and my life. I’ve manifested auditions, bookings, agents, awards, and completed screenplays. Clarifying my true career desires, concentrating on inspired action instead of “actor hustle,” and prioritizing my own inner guidance above all else has advanced my career and brought peace to my mind like nothing else.

Formally, I became a certified life coach in 2021 after completing a year-long training with Lisa M. Hayes at The Coaching Guild. She helped me hone my skills as a deliberate creator and taught me how to help others make intentional change in their lives by lovingly forcing me to do all of the inner work for myself first. 

These are some personal highlights of that beautifully challenging and transformative year:

  • Becoming more loving, forgiving, and compassionate toward myself.  
  • Wrestling with my unsupportive self-talk, and transforming my mind into a largely supportive space.
  • Increasing my self-awareness and discovering all the fun and sneaky ways I was holding myself back in life via self-sabotage and how to lovingly get myself back on track.
  • Getting “comfortably uncomfortable” with the discomfort of change 
  • Learning how to effectively manage all of life’s stressors through proper, daily self care that gave me the energy to actually enjoy my life.
  • Making it a habit to question all my thoughts and repeating more empowering ones until they became deeply rooted beliefs.
  • Coming to understand that focus, not emotional state, is the key to manifesting 
  • Getting clear on what I really wanted out of life and, more importantly, how I wanted my life to feel
  • And so much more. Truly. I was forever changed.

Lisa imparted wisdom that profoundly impacted and improved my life. 

Now I want to do something similar for you. 

I created The Year of Exploration because I want to share my very best knowledge of deliberate creation and personal development with people who are ready to do their own inner work to create the life they want. 

I hope that you’ll join me.

 The Year of Exploration

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The Year of Exploration 

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