Why I STILL Take Acting Class.

“Why do you guys still take acting class? Don’t you know how to act?”

Class not about learning how to act. It’s about practicing your craft and working out your actor muscles so that you can bring your “A game” to every performance.

I LOVE my class! It’s with John M. Keating (@jkeats) who teaches at G. Charles Wright Studio (@gcharleswright) and it’s the best. It focuses on auditions and John is really great at simplifying the whole process and making it ALL about the work and the craft of acting which I feel sometimes gets lost in my auditions.

Sometimes I get so stuck in my head wondering, “What do THEY want? How do I get this scene RIGHT?! What do I have to do to book this?!” And John is really great at helping folks put that brain garbage aside, focusing you back on the work, and bringing out each actor’s best work in every scene.

Bonus, getting to see multiple actors nail the exact same scene, you start to realize that there’s no such thing as “getting it right” or “you weren’t good enough.” We all could book easily, it just depends on what production wants for the character. I’ve seen the same scene absolutely work with a wide variety of actors and that really helps me maintain a healthy audition mindset.

Actors who practice are ready to play! Put us in, Coach! (For more info → Also, this is not an ad, just a fun shout out and resource share.

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