Why I coach.

I coach because I want to share my knowledge of deliberate creation and personal development with people who are ready to create their own path to success. Under the guidance of Lisa M. Hayes of The Coaching Guild, I am gaining the skills required to uplift, inspire and embolden my fellow humans in mastering their own mindsets, showing up with confidence, and creating their dream lives with excitement, ease, and joy.

I may never be “a successful actor” in the way that I thought I would be when I first started out, but I know am definitely a success in my own way and I am creating a rich, full life that I will look back on with pride and joy. I am not “pursuing” a career in acting, as if it’s some far off prize to be won. I am engaging in my acting career, right here and right now. I am confident in my craft, confident in my mindset, and most importantly, I am confident in my value as an actor, artist, and creative collaborator in the entertainment industry. That self-assurance is worth more than any award I could ever win, and it is what I want for you and your life, too!

I would love to work with you to find your own joyFULL and successFULL life path.

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