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(This post is based on the very first episode of The Aligned Actor™ Podcast, which you can listen to here.)

Hi! I’m Amy Schloerb. I am an actor, mom, wife, and all-around creative person living and working in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve worked professionally in TV, film, and commercials, and I produce an award-winning comedy web series called SchloerBITS. (Hey, if I can’t plug my show on my own blog, what’s the point?)

I am also a student of conscious creation, perhaps more commonly known as manifesting or The Law of Attraction, meaning that I believe that what I focus on in my mind influences what happens in my reality.

This blog is going to assume that you have at least a basic level of understanding of (or at least openness to) conscious creation. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I recommend you start with some blog posts from my LOA coach and mentor, Jeannette Maw, founder of Good Vibe University:

Anyway, back to me.

In the course of studying and practicing conscious creation, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my overall life satisfaction. My ability to maintain a positive mindset has increased, and my overall level of anxiety (something I’ve struggled with throughout my life) has decreased.

Additionally, I’ve been applying conscious creation to my acting career and getting some cool results. I’ve manifested jobs, awards, and even consciously created my first screenplay. Even more importantly to me, I’ve felt way better about my career in general, because the practices of conscious creation have taught me to look for and find all the ways that my dream career is already happening for me right now, which feels far better then focusing on lack in my career.

For the above reasons alone, I’m forever hooked on conscious creation. Additionally though, at some point it struck me that my background as an actor offers me an added advantage in my conscious creation work, and I began to consider the intersection of actors and conscious creation more broadly.

In a nutshell, I am lit up about conscious creation as it relates to actors for two reasons:

  1. Actors have the potential to be highly skilled conscious creators.

  2. Conscious creation offers actors a system and a set of tools to fortify their mindsets and how they engage in their careers.

As I have learned from Jeannette Maw, the heart of manifesting a desire lies in activating the vibration of (aka finding alignment with) that desire, which means getting into the feeling place of that desire right now. For example, how would it feel to book a national commercial? Can you imagine it and feel the excitement in your body right now, in this moment? Great! You just activated the vibration of (found alignment with) booking a national commercial.

Actors! Do you see how we are primed for success with conscious creation?! The skills required to find vibrational alignment are the essence of our craft! Our rich imaginations help us create detailed visualizations. Our background in character work helps us really nail a manifesting technique like “acting as if.” On a basic, fundamental level, we have the awareness to know when we’re really experiencing a feeling and when we’re just faking it, which means we’ll know when we’re really in alignment with our desires and when there’s room for improvement.

Additionally, conscious creation has taught me to question, dismantle, and transform limiting beliefs about myself as an actor. I’ve realized that the WAY I see myself in my career directly influences how I show up in my career. If I see myself as a bother and an inconvenience, I show up to an audition apologizing for taking up time and space. On the flip side, if I see myself as highly-skilled, creative collaborator, I show up to my auditions with confidence and ease.

As a final point, I’ve tried just about every actor business and marketing strategy in the book and found the most success by engaging conscious creation and manifesting techniques which prioritize listening to one’s own inner guidance above all else. Clarifying my true career desires and concentrating on inspired action born out of vibrational alignment (instead of “actor hustle”) has opened up opportunities in my career like nothing else.

I created The Aligned Actor™ because I want to share my ideas about conscious creation with like-minded actors who want to explore this stuff with me. It started with a podcast and a Facebook group, and now I’ve added an Instagram, website, and this blog. In all of these spaces, I enjoy talking about mindset work, sharing fun alignment games, dismantling limiting beliefs commonly held by actors, and just generally exploring conscious creation with others. I want to inspire, uplift, and empower my fellow actors to master their own mindsets and manifest their dream careers, too.

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