Who Are You Being?

A question that’s been on my mind lately: Who am I being?

Am I being Amy Schloerb, The Aligned Actor? 🤗


Am I being Amy Schloerb, the fearful, frustrated, doubter? 😕

“Hmmm, I’m obsessively checking my email to see if I’ve booked something.

Who am I being?”

Amy Schloerb, TFFD😕

“Oh! I’m tuning out the gremlins and not telling myself unhelpful stories!

Who am I being?”

Amy Schloerb, TAA🤗

“Um, I’m overthinking this so much that it’s probably lost all meaning....

Who am—?”


“Ah! I’m enjoying my day, savoring moments, and making time to relax and play!”

Amy Schloerb, TAA🤗 ALL THE WAY, BABY! (I get bonus points for rhymes)

And when it comes to making decisions, I ask myself, “what would Amy Schloerb, TAA🤗 do here?” And then I proceed accordingly.

Wanna make your own titles to support you in BEING the next, best version of yourself today? Of course you do!

Who do you want to spend more time being?

What version of yourself have you outgrown?

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