What's on YOUR plate?

Why are you going after the same things as everyone else? Do you even LIKE oysters and king crab legs?! 🦪🦀

I get it, they’re what everyone rushes for at the all-you-can-eat buffet, so a part of us thinks, “well, that’s probably what I want, too…” 🤷🏼‍♀️

But DO you?

Maybe you prefer fruit salad and yogurt parfaits. Maybe you’re all about the mini quiches. Personally, I’m elbowing my way to the mountain of mashed potatoes. 😋

The whole point of a buffet is that you can go for WHATEVER *YOU* WANT!

And, guess what? The same is true for life.

Um, duh, Amy. 🤨

No, really think about it. What do YOU want for YOUR life?

Fancy car? Big house? Prestigious career? Cool! Go for it! But make sure you are going for those things because YOU want them and not just because you’ve grown up in a society that’s trained you to hold certain things in higher value.

What holds the most value in our lives are the things WE value. Not what Mr. & Mrs. Jones value, not what our friends value, maybe not even what our parents value.

What are the things that bring YOU joy, light YOU up, and make YOU feel like your-full-complete-self the most? 🤗

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