Ways to Practice Self Love

Regardless of your relationship status, give yourself the gift of self love this Valentine’s Day.

Here are 4 simple (but not always easy) self love practices for you to try…

💌 Write yourself a love letter - It can be long and poetic or short and sweet. How have you made yourself proud? What is your favorite feature? What words of encouragement and love can you shower upon yourself? (Later you can read your letter when you need a boost)

✍🏻 Write out some self love affirmations - Similar to the love letter, self love affirmations are a great way to focus your mind on being kind to yourself.

“I’m proud of myself”

“I’m doing the best I can”

“I love myself”

🗣 Speak kindly to yourself - Hold your hand over your heart, and/or look yourself in the mirror and say a few nice things to yourself. (Experiment using “you” and “I” to see which is most comfortable and effective)

“You did a great job today”

“I’m proud of what I’ve been up to lately”

“Way to rock it!”

💝 Treat yourself - Give yourself something just because you want it - a day off, a favorite drink, a night out or in, whatever you want because you deserve it without having to “earn” it.

Self love is important every day of the year and I hope you’ll continue to practice always. You got this!

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