"Unplugging" my brain

I’ve been literally playing as a way to turn off my brain and make it stop racing with thoughts of how to advance my acting career and my coaching business.

Not gonna lie, this practice is hard for me. I have always struggled to “put down” my work and disengage from hustle & grind culture. I think this is especially true for actors because we’re often told “if you’re not doing EVERYTHING you can to make your career happen, you clearly don’t want it bad enough.” That. Is. A. Lie.

I now know from experience that fully stepping away from my work is ESSENTIAL for my mental health and the health of my work. I get my best ideas and inspirations when I’m disconnected. Ideas that are actually fun to implement, not just more “supposed to” BS.

How do you “unplug” your brain? My current favs are Mario Kart and Redecor (a home design app).

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