Things I tell myself when I don't book a job...

Updated: Feb 22

I got released from two pins this week.

(For those of you not in the business, that means I came as close as an actor gets to booking, and then didn’t.)

I used to get really down on myself when I didn’t book a job. Oh sure, on the surface I’d be saying, “no biggie, it’s all good, you can’t book ‘em all!”

But the iceberg lurking down below the surface was telling me, “you must not have been good enough. If you’d been good enough, they would have hired you.”

It took a lot of inner work and self-awareness to uncover that painful, limiting belief, but I’m so glad I did. As soon as I acknowledged it, processed my feelings around it, and ultimately exposed it for the BS lie that it is, I felt massive relief. I had been carrying that sucker for YEARS!

Now I consciously practice better, more supportive thoughts when I don’t book a job. It’s made all the difference in terms of my mental wellbeing as an actor. I am so much calmer and more content with myself and my journey.

Not gonna lie, I’m super bummed I didn’t book these roles, and that’s okay. I’m cool with all my emotions and feeling out this disappointment and frustration is what I signed up for in this career. I’m just not gonna spin all that normal emotional response into a damaging story about how “I’m not good enough.” Nope.

I hope these thoughts help you the next time you’re feeling bummed about not booking. It’s always okay to feel bummed, but don’t kick yourself IN the bum when you don’t book a job. #badumBUM

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