The Damaging Story I Was Telling Myself...

Are you telling yourself an unhelpful, damaging story about your acting career?

If you follow me, by now you’ve likely seen my Goldbergs self-tape and the final result of that work (what actually made it onto the show). And maybe you noticed that the final scene features significantly less Schloerb than the audition scene.

I’ll be honest, I felt disappointed when I watched it on TV. I’d had such fun filming that whole scene and I was sad not to see all of it in the final show.

And then all the unhelpful thoughts started circling in my mind…

“Why did they cut the scene down? Was it me? Was I so horrible?”

“If you were a better actor, this wouldn’t have happened.”


Here’s the truth: I am an actor and I did my job. Then the post-production team did their job.

Yes, I felt sad not seeing all of my work, and that’s okay. I allowed my feelings. But I didn’t make the end result mean something bad about me as an actor.

Scenes get cut out (or trimmed down) all the time.

Our job as actors is to make sure we don’t spin that objective, non-personal fact into a subjective, personal story about our talent.

Fact: Parts of my scene were cut out of the final show that aired…

Unhelpful, Damaging Story: …because I’m a horrible, untalented actor.

Stuff gets cut for time. Good stuff. Awesome work by very talented people, just like me and you.

It doesn’t mean anything bad about us.

We are actors. We are talented. We can do this.

What’s a GOOD story you can tell yourself about your career right now?

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