Stove Top Manifesting

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I am so excited to share with you a recent epiphany I’ve had about myself as a conscious creator.

It turns out that I thrive by practicing something I call Stove Top Manifesting.

No, it’s not a technique for manifesting kitchen appliances, but I’m sure you could use it for that, too.

Stove Top Manifesting is a term I made up to describe how I approach and have success with conscious creation. And it’s a BRILLIANT method for releasing attachment and allowing the universe to work its magic.

Here’s how it works:

Right now I have 4 BIG desires that I want to manifest:

  1. I want to book a recurring role on a fun TV show

  2. I want to see my Christmas movie sold and produced for a wide audience

  3. I want to finish writing, and publish, my book on grief

  4. I want to inspire and embolden my fellow actors to improve their mindsets and manifest their dream careers using conscious creation

Wow. That’s a lot. What am I thinking?!

When I wrote these desires to my coach, Jeannette Maw, I told her “I know this is more than 3, but I've recently discovered that one of my keys to success is to bounce between creative projects as inspired, so I'm honoring that and have been writing whichever book or screenplay I feel called to write in the moment. And I think all these desires feed into and support each other quite nicely!”

It’s kind of like when I cook a meal on a stove top. I enjoy getting one dish going, adding ingredients, seasoning, stirring and actively cooking that dish until it’s on its way, and then I can turn my attention to the next dish.

And when I turn my attention from my chicken breasts browning in the sauté pan in order to fill my stock pot with water, I’m not worried that my lack of focus on the chicken means I will fail to manifest my desire for tender, juicy chicken. No! But the chicken doesn’t need my attention and action right now. I can let it work it’s magic on it’s own for a while as I focus on boiling the water for the pasta.

And as the water comes to a boil, I don’t have to stand there watching it (there’s a whole saying about this…). I know it’s going to boil right on time, and therefore I can turn my attention to the next dish I feel inspired to work on. Or maybe flip the chicken if that’s what I feel inspired to do.

My trust in my stove top and overall cooking knowledge allows me to remain blissfully unattached and un-angsty about any one dish I’m cooking.

Let’s say that again in conscious creator terms!

My trust in my stove top (alignment practices) and overall cooking (conscious creation) knowledge allows me to remain blissfully unattached and un-angsty about any one dish (desire) I’m cooking (manifesting).

In other words, I believe this method is the key to releasing attachment and consistently being able to find that “step 3” place of allowing.


Here’s what this looks like in practice in my life recently:

My Christmas movie screenplay is “done” and ready to be sold and produced. I was starting to feel a little “charged” around the desire and unsure of what to do next. I kept focusing on the end result of how I wanted my audience to feel seeing the movie, which was how I had manifested the completed screenplay, but the uncertainty remained.

I turned my attention to my grief book as I had done at other times as inspired, and felt confident that inspiration would come for the screenplay at some point. Simultaneously, I started to feel an intense urge to go back to creating some kind of work for actors on manifesting, something I hadn’t felt drawn to at all in months.

It was literally as if the universe said, “great, your part in the creation of the Christmas movie is done for now, so let’s revisit some other things on your manifesting stove top while I do some behind the scenes magic.”

In the past I might have squashed an inspiration to work on something other than my current goal. For the longest time I believed it was a “flaw” in my personality or meant that I wasn’t “focused” enough on my goal.

Every time I’d get a fun inspiration for something even remotely adjacent to my acting career, I’d immediately turn away from it because to follow that inspiration would take time and energy away from my acting career, and that would mean that I wasn’t working hard enough to achieve my dreams.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t really achieving my goals anyway, and oh yeah, every time life forced me to focus elsewhere for even a minute I tended to “magically” book jobs. The year I had my son I got two straight offers (no audition required) and another time I booked a job while I was on vacation at Disneyland. No joke.

And these are all hindsight examples that I’m just now recognizing as I’ve leaned more and more into Stove Top Manifesting this year. Just imagine what’s in store for me now that I understand the system more fully and can really work it to my advantage.

Well, actually I don’t have to just imagine, it’s already happening. In the weeks since I set my Christmas movie on the back burner to focus more actively on other desires, I got a lead on a potential investor. Thanks, universe!

Long story short - Work as inspired. Work as called. Fear not if you bounce between desires or “get distracted” by that shiny object desire over there.

It’s all one.

All our desires feed each other, and the universe knows what we truly want at all times and is ready to give it all to us. Our job is to allow, and allowing at its core is all about having fun, enjoying life, and feeling good.

So, if following a seemingly tangential desire feels good, go for it! You’re just adding a pot to your manifesting stove top! Or maybe the universe is having you add a secret, mystery ingredient to your desire. Either way, follow your inspiration!

Speaking of, I gotta go cook dinner. Bye!

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