Self Care is NOT Optional.

Do you push past hunger and mental fatigue cues just to finish “this one thing”…that then turns into 8 more things?

Me too. Big time.

But guess what? I’m discovering I’m not as productive as I think I am during those “I’ll just finish this and eat later” work sessions. It’s a hard habit to break, but coming back to my task literally refueled and refreshed is always the way to go.

Having recognized my “push through” habit, I’m setting an intention to take breaks even if the work task is not done.

I know this will be very challenging for me at first. Leaving something unfinished feels very scary and threatening to me. My skin is crawling just thinking about it, but I know this is necessary for my long term wellbeing.

Do you need to set any new boundaries or intentions around work and self care?

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