No "shoulds" or "ughs"

“Should” and “Ugh” and “Well, I guess I have to” have no place guiding your choices - career or life. Taking action from that energy is no fun. (See my face here? No fun!)

“Hell yeah!” and “Oh boy!” and “Oooooooooo!” are the kind of exclamations you want to lean into.

“But, Amy, I really SHOULD take a workshop.”

Really? Are you SURE that’s true?

“YES! Absolutely!”

Okay then. Take the workshop. But find a way to take it with genuine excitement instead of soul-sucking drudgery. I’m not saying become Pollyanna or Stuart Smalley (I just dated myself, didn’t I?), but find a reason you *WANT* to be there that is about your love of acting and your desire to share your work.

“Ugh....gotta do the f-ing dance...” is never a valid reason in my book. Because if you walk into your workshop with “ugh” energy, everyone is gonna pick up on it, and no one wants to work with that.

(Including you 😘)

I see you. I love you. You deserve to enjoy your career. ❤️

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