Mothering Motherless.

Mothering Motherless (without the support and guidance of one’s own mother) F—ing Sucks.

Sorry. Some truths just can’t be put politely.

This weekend I really missed my mom. I wanted so badly to hear her supportive voice and gain her special mom wisdom.

Instead, I cried in my kitchen and my son gave me a hug (and then fake farted, which then became a whole hug-fake-fart “thing” 🤣).

I’m doing much better now, because I also discovered this weekend that just acknowledging that mothering motherless f—ing sucks, helps make the whole thing just a tiny bit less sucky. I stopped resisting something hard and it became just slightly easier. Odd.

I think I was trying to tell myself “Come on! You should be better at this! What’s wrong with you?!” And when I reached behind that thought I found, “This is hard. This is really hard…because I don’t have my mom.”

And suddenly, all I could do was feel out the sadness and remember all the wisdom on kids and parenting my mom WAS able to pass on before she died.

It still f—ing sucks. It always will. But I find comfort in knowing that and acknowledging it. ❤️

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