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Related to my previous post on mothering motherless. Clearly missing my mom this weekend brought up some thoughts on grief.

I’ve always had an odd relationship with this quote. I feel its truth so deeply in my own experience mourning my mother, and yet somehow, something has always felt off about it too.

Maybe that’s the point, and the “off-ness” I’m feeling is just this quote reminding me that the love I’m trying to express can’t complete itself. It can’t be fully realized and expressed to my mom, so everything feels off, and I call it grief.

But something deep within me, maybe a piece left behind by my mom, is also saying, “Give the love to yourself.”

I think THAT’S what our loved ones want.

As someone who believes in loving energy coming back to us from the other side, I wonder if when we grieve, and pour our love out into the nothingness of our loss, our loved one catches it and pours it right back into us. Our grief work then becomes accepting that love back in.

So, really, there is a place to put the love. We must flow it back into ourselves. And when we do, we realize the love of those we’ve lost lives inside us. Always.❤️

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