I fixed my mug!

I love this mug, but I realized it needed fixing. 👩🏼‍🔧

I’ve reached a point in my life where when someone tells me to “calm down” I kinda wanna punch them in the face. When I’m freaking out about something, big or small, I don’t need to calm down. I need to re-ground into myself.

To me, “calming down” is about getting rid of all freakout feelings as fast as possible so that they aren’t upsetting me (or anyone around me) anymore.

“Re-grounding into myself” is about allowing my feelings be present and even active within me, while REMEMBERING that I can handle them AND whatever is going on to cause my freakout. This process usually involves deep breathing, acknowledging and validating my feelings, and then remembering I am a woman who knows how to figure stuff out.

Case in point, I know how to fix the message on a novelty mug. 😉

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