"I don't audition enough" is a REALLY crappy affirmation.

I get it. It’s frustrating not getting to audition and work as much as you want. But focusing on where your career is lacking doesn’t serve you.

I choose to focus on the good things in my career because that focus gives me the inspiration, motivation, and energy to keep going in this business. I truly feel better about myself and my career and I find I’m much more inspired to take new actions and recognize opportunities that are available to me.

“But, Amy, if you’re not getting lots and lots of auditions, what could possibly be good in your career?!”

Off the top of my head…

💖 I have a great relationship with my agency and I know that they really believe in me.

💖 All the auditions I get are spot on for me and a lot of fun to work on.

💖 I am in a great class that I love and that I know is keeping my skills sharp.

💖 Overall, I get really good feedback about my acting work.

💖 I’m proud of myself and the work that I have done.

⬆️ This focus keeps me in my power. ⬆️

It’s not always easy to shift focus in our careers, but stick with it (practice, practice, practice) because it’s worth it and it’s going to help you cultivate the kind of mindset that will keep you in the business long term, no matter how much the auditions ebb and flow.

You are an actor. You are in the arena. Your time will come.

Let’s shift focus together! Comment below with 3 things you LOVE about your acting career. 💖

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