I am an actress.

Updated: Feb 22

As an actress, I’ve tried just about every show biz and marketing strategy in the book - postcards, CD workshops, classes, networking events, drop-offs, emails, social media, content creation, 99-seat theater, etc - all in hopes that I could build a successful acting career.

I thought, “If I just do all the things that everyone says I should be doing, then I’ll be successful.”

So I hustled and hustled and never turned off my actor brain because I believed that if I did, well then, clearly I didn’t want it bad enough. And yet, the #actorhustle and all the fear-based thinking associated with it was actually holding me apart from my dreams. It was sucking the joy and wonder out of something that once only held joy and wonder for me.

What I now know from years of studying, applying, and achieving results with deliberate creation and other personal development work, is that following anyone else’s path to success is an absolute no-go. I can mine ideas from those who came before me, but just because something worked for them does not guarantee that it will work for me. I know that my only path to success is the one I create and walk for myself with inspiration and joy.

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