I am a deliberate creator.

My first introduction to deliberate creation (aka manifesting) came from the movie The Secret. I watched it with a friend, found it interesting, and then attempted to only think happy, positive thoughts because I was terrified that thinking anything else would lead to manifesting utter devastation.

I read some books, took some workshops, gained more and more understanding, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Jeannette Maw of that my understanding of deliberate creation became much calmer and clearer.

I learned that manifesting is not just thinking “the happiest, best possible thoughts” so that I only manifest the happiest, best possible outcomes. It’s about gently turning my attention away from limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold me back, and instead focusing on “better feeling thoughts” that inspire me forward to create the life I want.

For me, manifesting is about leveraging my ability to evaluate, adjust, and focus my thoughts about myself and the world around me in a way that allows me to enjoy life more and take inspired action to create what I want. And it’s definitely NOT about completely shutting out any and all negative feelings, but instead about experiencing and processing all of my feelings so that they don’t inhibit me.

Engaging principles of deliberate creation has brought success to my career and my life. I’ve manifested auditions, bookings, agents, awards, and completed screenplays. Clarifying my true career desires, concentrating on inspired action instead of “actor hustle,” and prioritizing my own inner guidance above all else has advanced my career and brought peace to my mind like nothing else.

I’d love to help you with your deliberate creation practice, especially with cultivating a relationship with your own inner guidance.

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