Following inner guidance

It was truly a fantastic idea that I had to clean out the gutters AFTER I had taken my shower! 🤣

Actually, it really was. Sometimes I get an impulse to finally do a thing I’ve been meaning to do. I’m learning to listen to those nudges because I know that doing so helps me cultivate a stronger relationship with my intuition and inner guidance.

So today, even though I had just taken my shower, I listened to the little voice that said, “Hey, cleaning out the garage gutter feels like fun and will probably keep the kiddo occupied for a while on this day off from school.”

And sure enough, even though I got fully dirty again, it was fun! Plus my kid enjoyed playing with leaves and making voice recordings of me talking about what I was doing, instead of whining at me to “stop working on your computer and play with me!” which is what would have happened otherwise.

Oh, and the gutter got cleaned. 🤗

Thanks, inner guidance. 💖

If you want to practice listening to your own intuition and inner guidance, try asking yourself this question: “What do I need right now?” Then find a way to truly HONOR the answer, whatever it is. None of this judging-what-comes-up-for-you BS.

If the answer is watch a movie, listen.🍿

…a part of you is craving relaxation.

If the answer is call a friend, listen. 📞

…a part of you is craving connection.

If the answer is clean out the closet, listen.

…a part of you is craving release.

When you honor and validate that part of you by giving it what it needs, you cultivate trust within yourself. And being able to fully trust yourself is the grand prize of all grand prizes. 🏆

I’d love to help you cultivate a trusting relationship with your intuition and inner guidance. Ask yourself if that sounds fun to you and if it does, click “work with me” in the navigation bar to get set up with a free intro session. It’ll be fun and valuable for both of us to play and explore together regardless of if we continue in a coaching relationship. 💖

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