Easing Stress and Anxiety

I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety recently. I want to share some things that have been helping in case they’ll help others, too.

Breathing. Okay, I know, duh. But seriously, intentionally slowing down my breathing and especially concentrating on long, slow exhales is incredibly calming. I really like alternate nostril breathing as a great way to slow both inhales and exhales. Google it. (or just click the link, I Googled it for you 😜)

Journaling. I’ve never been a journal-er, but right at the end of 2020 I started one with no expectations and I’m really loving it. Free writing is something I turn to now to process thoughts and feelings, and I find that even in my lowest moments, helpful answers and perspectives start to flow pretty quickly as I write everything out. I absolutely LOVE my journal from artist Malcolm Corley! (@malcolmstiles on Instagram)

Music. Anything I feel like will do, but specifically, Baroque music is apparently just the right tone, frequency, mathematical-something-something that really works to calm, soothe, and heal our brains. I find it very relaxing.

Sensory Savoring. Sensory what? Using your senses to savor pleasant sensations such as feeling a soft blanket, smelling a delicious scented candle, or tasting a yummy, warm beverage. Today I put on some plush slippers and my feet savored being all snugged up. My coach mentor Lisa Hayes (@theomzone on Instagram) has a wonderful blog post and podcast episode about Sensory Self Care.

Rest. I nap just about every day, and today I really needed it. I had experienced a lot of emotions in the morning and it left me feeling completely drained. I can get down on myself when I’m “tired for no reason” - but then I remember, “Oh yeah, emotional experiences are exhausting.” 10 minutes of crying from built up stress and anxiety is probably more draining than hours at the gym. We need more rest during times of stress.

What do you do to ease stress and anxiety?

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