Doing Nothing is a BIG Something

Turns out our brains can become addicted to emotional/psychological states. So this is me, consciously UN-addicting my brain to the mental state of “gotta do stuff.”

Fun fact about me, I have a hard time sitting down and doing nothing. I’m a grade-A, world-class putterer. I would give everyone’s grandma a run for their money.

There’s always SOMETHING to do. And even if there isn’t, I will FIND something. (Hello, social media!)

Let me tell you, this practice is not boring. It is uncomfortable AF. There’s nothing but me and the present moment. I CAN’T EVEN MEDITATE BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE DOING SOMETHING. 🤣

I just sit. As best I can, I stay out of the past and out of the future. I just notice things around me. And start to wonder how they embroidered those numbers on my son’s advent’s gotta be a machine, right? 🤔 Oh, and we should probably take that down seeing as it’s April. Oh. Wait. There I go “doing” stuff again. 🙄

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m learning a ton in my mindset coach training at The Coaching Guild with Lisa M. Hayes. If you have goals, dreams, and desires that you feel stuck on I would love to help you explore how your mindset might be tripping you up. Together we can take steps to gently guide your brain back to serving you rather than sabotaging you. Click "coaching" for more information.

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