Creative Dormancy is Natural

A while back my son found a long forgotten plant in a pot behind the house. We’d forgotten about it because it’s a bulb, so for a long time the pot just looked to be full of old soil.

“Mommy! We found a pink flower!” Sure enough the bulb was back, blooming and thriving in all its pink and green glory!

And guess what? I don’t think it spent the winter worried that it would never bloom again. Nature knows: Sometimes you bloom. Sometimes you lay dormant, knowing you will bloom again when you’re ready.

We aren’t meant to feel inspired, creative, and productive 24/7/365. We need to rest, recharge, and trust that our creativity and inspiration will return. We will bloom again.

And regardless, we are always worthy and enough.

The Nap Ministry, founded by performance artist Tricia Hersey, is THE account to follow for even more important and powerful work on rest. Her message challenges, transforms, and inspires. We are so much more than our productivity, and a key to dismantling white supremacy lies in each of us fully embracing that truth. Thank you, Ms. Hersey. I hope I am beginning to understand enough that I can help others embrace your message, too. ❤️

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