Are you throwing shade on yourself?

Wow. This headshot is so judgmental it’s judging its neighbor! You’re on the same team, ladies! Chill! 🤣

It’s also an excellent literal illustration of how we’re our own worst critic.

Are you throwing shade on yourself? You need to cut that out ASAP. It’s not helpful and only holds you back.

Next time your inner critic gets super loud and judgmental on you, try this:

1. Imagine you are turning down the volume on your inner critic. In fact, just mute that jerk all together.

2. Now start to turn up the volume on your *inner champion* by repeating thoughts like, “I love myself” “I am doing by best” or “I am enough.”

You can get a handle on your inner critic with a little practice and you owe it to yourself to do so. You’re worth it. ❤️

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