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I’m bringing together a supportive group of actors who want to shift their mindsets and expand their visions of themselves and our industry. Mindset Academy offers my best guidance, knowledge, and expertise as both a professional actor and a certified personal development coach. Over the course of four weeks you will learn powerful tools and strategies that will set you up for success in your career and life.

Here's what we'll cover:


Week One: Ditch Your Shitty Scripts

“I can't get work without an agent,” “I suck at memorizing,” and “I must not have been good enough...” are just a handful of the Shitty Scripts it’s time to ditch! Let’s process and clear out the mental clutter that is draining your energy, zapping your inspiration, and ultimately holding you back in your career.


Week Two: Polish Your Golden Scripts

Once we clear the clutter, we’ll find and polish up the Golden Scripts that ARE worthy of your mental attention. They may be neglected and a bit dusty, but we'll get them to sparkle and shine as bright as they did when you first started acting. You’ll work on your own Golden Scripts and together we’ll tune into a healthier, more sustainable vision of what it means to engage in an acting career overall.


Week Three: Goals So Good They Get (and keep) You Going

Now that we’ve stopped focusing on the shit and started focusing on the gold, it’s time to EXPAND our vision to include what we really want for ourselves and our careers. You’re gonna create goals so good they propel you forward. We’ll make sure your goals are really YOURS, and you’ll tap into the powerful force behind your goals.


Week Four: The Role You Were Born to Play

We put it all together. Working with your new scripts and expansive goals, you’ll create a new role for yourself in your career and become the actor you were always meant to be in this world. Your entire being will be onboard for the journey and you’ll be ready for action.

Details of what to expect:


  • Class meets on Zoom Thursday mornings at 10am PDT - April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12

  • Each class will be recorded* in case you can’t make it, or if you want to review any material.

  • You will have access to class recordings and PDFs of the presentation slides on The Aligned Actor website.

  • There will be a private Mindset Academy forum on The Aligned Actor website for connecting and sharing questions, personal discoveries, and celebrations.

  • You will have access to VIP email support from me throughout class.

  • The beta test round is FREE in exchange for feedback and a testimonial* I can use to market future rounds.

*Recordings will be of presentation slides and my video box only. If you participate live in class only your voice will be heard on the recording.

*The testimonial is optional, but would be very much appreciated.


Thomas Edward

Amy helps me connect with my true self. After the loss of my mother, Amy has helped me navigate grief with an approach that is both gentle and direct, guiding me to embrace the underlying feelings, and helping me focus on much-needed self-care. Amy helps me identify core mindset shifts which are helping me launch a new business without sacrificing my wellbeing. Time with Amy is as natural and comfortable as hanging with a friend, but enlightening as though I've had a conversation with my inner self. I feel clarity and empowerment every time we meet. Thanks so much Amy! 

Kara S.

Working with Amy has been an absolute game changer. I feel more confident in my work, more confident in myself, and more confident in my daily life. I approach my work with a stronger sense of peace and trust. My creativity is at an all time high, and my performances are more honest and grounded.

I couldn’t recommend enough!

Judith Shelton

I started working with Amy halfway through the pandemic and it has been the best way to ground myself during such a tumultuous time. My life has gently shifted, gradually aligning with my goals in an organic, authentic way. Amy is a wonderful coach!  She is professional while still being caring and effective. We set goals, examine perspectives, make plans, and check in on those plans. She helps me daydream, something I’ve never been good at, which helps me recognize the exciting possibilities for my life. I leave each session feeling inspired

and more at ease with who I am. 

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About Me

I am a professional actor, a certified life coach, and a deliberate creator seeking to share my knowledge of personal development and manifestation with the world. My intention with everything that I do is to uplift, inspire, and embolden YOU to live life exactly how YOU want.

You can read more about me here.

I hope you'll join me!