Core Commitments

I celebrate diversity.

We are all unique and that is the best part of our human experience. I will always center you as the expert in your life and your unique coaching process. I commit to holding space for ALL of your feelings. I commit to creating and cultivating a safe and brave space for you to explore all of your rich, unique YOU-ness. I invite you to challenge anything I say or suggest that does not ring true for you. I welcome and invite your feedback and correction at all times, and I promise to listen with my whole heart and immediately take steps to correct any harm I may cause.


Furthermore, I am committed to continuing my personal work around anti-racism, divesting from White Supremacy Culture, and acknowledging my privilege and power in western society as a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, college-educated, affluent, neurotypical, able-bodied woman.

I believe in equitable access to coaching.

I believe that personal development coaching should be accessible to anyone seeking support in expanding their vision of themselves. As part of this belief, I offer a sliding “aligned payment” scale, meaning I have identified a rate range where I feel fairly compensated for my work and you in turn get to feel aligned with the investment you are making in your coaching. I also offer a free on-going, monthly group coaching session called Monthly Reflection where all are invited to gather in community to share their recent wins, challenges, and set new intentions. Finally, my Instagram account is a space where I openly share content created and curated to uplift, inspire, and embolden my fellow humans as they journey through life.

I honor confidentiality.

The work that we do together in sessions belongs exclusively to you and I promise never to share any of your stories, triumphs, challenges, or experiences in any form or fashion without your expressed, written consent.