Hi, I'm Amy...

...And I love coaching!

One of my favorite things is sharing my knowledge of deliberate creation and personal development with people who are ready to create their own path to success. My background in acting gives me a unique ability to listen, connect, and support clients in our work together.

I hold a life coaching certification from The Coaching Guild, founded by Lisa M. Hayes. Under her guidance, I gained the skills required to help clients create whatever they want in life.

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What can coaching do for me?

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Ways to work with me...

The Year of Exploration  

Each month I guide you to form your own relationship with 12 personal development and manifestation topics. I invite you to “eat the fish and spit out the bones,” take only what rings true for you, and truly make this material your own. 

We're putting the personal back in personal development.

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Become Your

Biggest Fan

Being a creative is hard.

Don't make it harder on yourself.

Taming your Inner Critic and becoming your own Biggest Fan is the best way to stay in love with your creative career and taking inspired, consistent action toward your goals.

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The Aligned Actor Podcast

Being a creative is hard. Let’s not make it harder on ourselves. This is the show where we talk about all the stuff we wrestle with as actors, writers, and artists of all kinds. Let’s dive deep on mindset, manifesting, and doing all we can to stay inspired into positive action. We're gonna release the struggle and self-torture. It’s time to thrive mentally and emotionally every step of our journey.

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What Clients Say...

Thomas Edward

Amy helps me connect with my true self. After the loss of my mother, Amy has helped me navigate grief with an approach that is both gentle and direct, guiding me to embrace the underlying feelings, and helping me focus on much-needed self-care. Amy helps me identify core mindset shifts which are helping me launch a new business without sacrificing my wellbeing. Time with Amy is as natural and comfortable as hanging with a friend, but enlightening as though I've had a conversation with my inner self. I feel clarity and empowerment every time we meet. Thanks so much Amy!

Kara S.

Working with Amy has been an absolute game changer. I feel more confident in my work, more confident in myself, and more confident in my daily life. I approach my work with a stronger sense of peace and trust. My creativity is at an all time high, and my performances are more honest and grounded. I couldn’t recommend enough!

Judith Shelton

I started working with Amy halfway through the pandemic and it has been the best way to ground myself during such a tumultuous time. My life has gently shifted, gradually aligning with my goals in an organic, authentic way. Amy is a wonderful coach!  She is professional while still being caring and effective. We set goals, examine perspectives, make plans, and check in on those plans. She helps me daydream, something I’ve never been good at, which helps me recognize the exciting possibilities for my life. I leave each session feeling inspired and more at ease with who I am.

What coaching can do for you!


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