Hi, I'm Amy Schloerb, The Aligned Actor!

*Practically woo-woo in the most wonderful ways*

I am a professional actress, a deliberate creator, and a certified* life coach. I call myself "The Aligned Actor" because I love alliteration, and I live my life by first aligning with my goals and desires, and then taking inspired action to manifest them. I get clear on what I want, why I want it, what it feels like, and who I have to become to get it. That place of aligned clarity allows me to stay inspired and motivated as I make shifts in myself and take the necessary actions to get myself there.

I can help you align and act within your own life.

I believe we live in a supportive, focus-driven universe. Wherever we choose to focus our attention dictates what we will continue to observe in our reality. I decide to focus on appreciation, I notice more things to appreciate. I decide to focus on ease, I notice how my tasks end up being easier than I thought they’d be. I decide to focus on red cars, sure enough, my brain notices every single red car on the road.

Our emotional state is not the method by which we manifest. Focus first, feelings to follow (but not required). We cannot strong arm our emotions into alignment, and to try to do so is toxic and potentially damaging (ask me how I know). I choose self love, nurturing, and caring for myself through ALL my highs and lows.

All vibes are welcome in my world. Like they say, “You have to feel it to heal it.” Pretending to deny the crappy stuff in life doesn't magically make it disappear or help us cope with it any better. It just stalls our genuine progression back to feeling good, back to feeling empowered, back to feeling inspired to make whatever change is necessary.

I will see you, accept you, and honor you exactly where you are and help you find your way to wherever you want to be in life. My skills as an actress make me an intuitive, open-hearted coach. Acting and coaching are both about immersing yourself fully in the present moment - listening, responding, exploring, sharing, and creating with total empathy and vulnerability. We will play, create, align, and have so much fun celebrating every step of your journey.

Together, we will discover what works best for you and the life you are creating.


We are all doing the best we can at all times. Laughter is potent medicine; "ugly" crying is nurturing; doing both simultaneously is beautiful, complex human-ing at its best. Music has the power to move us - mind, body, and spirit. Self care is a daily, non-negotiable essential and WAY simpler than the beauty industry wants us to believe. *Imagination is a powerful resource. Everyone is worthy and deserving.

*I hold a life coaching certification from The Coaching Guild, founded by Lisa M. Hayes, and certifications in mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming via the iNLP Center.

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Coaching Containers

Some possible spaces we could explore together

Life Energy Upgrade

You have grand plans, big dreams, and you’re going places. You’re also exhausted, overworked, and stressed AF because life is a lot (to say the least). As a result, you’re feeling down on yourself for not making better progress toward your goals.

Buddy, I got you.

Together we’ll craft a simple, energizing self care and stress management plan that fits your unique needs, increases your energy, and sets you back on the path to progress.

Become Your Biggest Fan

Is your inner critic actually helping you stay confident, inspired, and motivated? Or is it constantly shouting, “THIS ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! YOU NEED TO DO MORE!” thus zapping your motivation and making you feel miserable? 

I can help you shift your motivation strategy from beating yourself up for not doing enough to encouraging and celebrating all your glorious progress, so that you're actually excited to keep going. Less "stick." More "carrot."

Let’s help you become your own biggest fan!

Let's Goooooooal!

First of all we have to make sure your goal is actually YOUR goal (not someone else's expectation). We'll get curious about why you want it and make sure the desire to achieve it is strong enough to pull you forward on your path. We'll get clear on exactly what your desired goal looks like, and more importantly, what it feels like.

Then we start moving the ball down the field!

Focusing on what you are intentionally creating in your life activates inspiration, and the magic goes even further when you start bringing your whole being to the party.

Who do you need to become to have what you want in life?

You'll craft simple yet powerful beliefs, thoughts, habits, and behaviors designed to help you embody the version of you who gets to that goal with ease.


Roadblocks Removal

I’m not a fan of the term “self-sabotage.” It’s too harsh and critical for what’s actually going on when we get in our own way, and often just leads to more self-blame, self-judgment, and self-criticism, all of which are a hard pass for me.

I prefer the term “Roadblocks” because it puts the stuck-ness in perspective. Sure, it’s blocking our path forward, but let’s remember that it’s just one piece of the puzzle, rather than the whole picture of you.

YOU are not in your way, an ASPECT of you is. 

Maybe you're listening to thoughts that aren't even true. Maybe it's hard to commit to yourself because you are giving everyone else your time and attention. Maybe you don't think you're actually worthy of what you want in life. 

Let’s work together to dismantle brick-by-brick, bulldoze, or find a detour around whatever is in your way.

"What if I want a little bit of each?"

Choose Your Own Adventure!

The above "containers" are really just ideas of where we could take our work together. In all likelihood, we'll end up exploring each space along our journey together. I present these to show you what's possible and help us find an initial focus for our work.

Testimonials & Endorsements

I offer my coaching services in bundles of 4 sessions.

Your investment in our work together depends on how long you would for each session.

A Sweet 60 Minutes



This offer includes:

  • Four 60 minute Zoom Sessions
  • Curated Materials (exercises, videos, and guided audios tailored to fit your individual needs)
  • Email support in-between sessions

A Spacious 90 Minutes



This offer includes: 

  • Four 90 minute Zoom Sessions
  • Curated Materials (exercises, videos, and guided audios tailored to fit your individual needs)
  • Email support in-between sessions

*All sessions must be completed within 8 weeks*

Please review my Coaching Agreement, which lays out a basic foundation for our work together.

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Let's Chat!

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