The Creative Project That Helped Me Process My Grief: Mom-Minders

About a year and a half after my mom died, I started a 365 day photo series called Mom-Minders. Every day for a year I took a photo of something that reminded me of her and wrote a little about it.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the project really helped me process my grief. Instead of avoiding things that reminded me of my mom, I intentionally looked for those things. As feelings came up, I faced them head on, and was pleasantly surprised by how many times I felt joyfully connected to my mom though those reminders.

In the end, I realized the Mom-Minders I find in my day-to-day life hold the key to continued connection with my mom. I like to say that she lives on in the world of my memories and Mom-Minders help me access those memories as long as I stay open to seeing them in the world around me.

If you are mourning a loved one, I encourage you to give a project like Mom-Minders a try. And if it doesn’t appeal to you, just know you’re not alone and that however you are processing your grief is right for you. As long as you are not harming yourself or anyone else, grief is a natural process that you can’t mess up. As hard as it is, you gotta just let it happen and care for yourself the best you can. 

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