The Aligned Actor Podcast: Who I am and Why I'm doing this.

Welcome to the first episode of The Aligned Actor Podcast! Woohoo! In this episode you will get to know a little bit about me, Amy Schloerb, and why I'm doing this podcast.

***PLEASE NOTE: This episode was originally released on 6/1/2019 and some references may no longer be valid. Also, the Facebook group is no longer active. If you want to engage with this podcast, please leave a comment on YouTube!***

Links to things mentioned:

You Are A Badass (by Jenn Sincero)

The Art Of Living Big (podcast with Betsy Pake)

LOA Recon (podcast with Jeannette Maw)

The Good Vibe Blog (blog by Jeannette Maw)


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You're listening to episode one of The Aligned Actor podcast. This episode was a struggle for me. I've started recording one thing that was going in one direction and then I had a total and complete ugly crying meltdown about it, and I almost quit. And then fortunately, I didn't. And I refocused and I talked to some friends and I cheered myself up and I cheered myself on.

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And this is what we got. So this is basically the podcast where I tell you what the deal is with this podcast and what to expect. And yeah, please enjoy Welcome to the Aligned Actor podcast. I'm Amy Schloerb, and I am an actor and a student of conscious creation looking to learn, grow and share my experiences with you so that together we can master our mindsets and manifest the careers of our dreams.

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Let's play Oh, hey there, guys. Welcome to my first episode of my podcast. This is kind of exciting. I think. I think this is going to be fun. Yeah. Oh, OK. So what I wanted to do in this first episode of the Aligned Actor podcast is to tell you who I am and why I'm doing this podcast. That seemed like a, you know, a pretty good way to start everything out, right?

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So I'm Amy Schloerb. I am an actor. I'm a mom. My wife, I am five feet tall and technically a little bit under five feet tall. But my driver's license says five feet tall. So I'm going to go with that. So I'm on the petite side of the scale, I guess, in terms of stature and stuff. Guess I'm funny.

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I like to think I'm funny. I make myself laugh and sometimes other people. So I think that means I'm funny. You know, hopefully I work and live in Los Angeles. I work in television and film commercials. I have an award winning comedy web series called Schlub Bits. You can find it by going to That's S C H.

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L O E R B I T Hey, if I can't plug my own show on my own podcast, then what's the point of any of this? All right. OK. Well, anyway, I am also a student of conscious creation. A.K.A. manifesting. Or some people talk about using the law of attraction to manifest your desires to bring the things that you want into your physical reality.

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And before I get too far into this, let me just say that this podcast is kind of kind of assumed that you have at least a basic level of understanding of that kind of stuff. So if you have no idea what I'm talking about, if you have no idea what manifesting is or conscious creation or law of Attraction or any of that, if you've never even heard of these things.

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But you're still kind of curious because maybe you know me from something. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how you came here. So if you're interested I'm going to recommend a couple of resources for you. The first is a book. It's called You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. It's both a book and an audio book.

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It's great. It's I think it's kind of I view it as kind of a gateway into all of this stuff because it's very it's very grounded. And Jen uses a lot of real world examples from her own life. And it's just it's very it's very grounded. It's not very woo woo, as some people say about this kind of stuff.

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So that's a recommendation for you. And then for free, I would recommend to podcasts. One is called The Art of Living Big with Betsy Pake. Especially Episode 70 and 71, which are all about the law of Attraction. And then she has a whole bunch in there that are just about various other great things and ways to to live a great life.

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And then like a recon with the good vibe coach Jeannette Maw. That's another great resource for you. That's purely about manifesting, and so you'll pick up a lot of information very quickly there. Both of those I will put in the show notes I mean, Jeannette Maw also has the Good Vibe blog, which you can find at Good Vibe blog dot com.

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That's a pretty fun resource too. But if you found this podcast, I'm guessing that you kind of might already be sort of primed for this stuff, so that's good. Anyway, back to me, So as I've been doing this manifesting stuff and practicing conscious creation, you know, doing meditation and gratitude and affirmations and I am statements visualizing, acting as if all of this kind of stuff, I've I found that it has drastically improved my life and my ability to maintain a positive mindset more often than a negative mindset.

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And it's also really helped me conquer anxiety, which is something that I have dealt with throughout my entire life. And like for that alone, I am completely hooked because I am a totally changed person from when I think about how I, you know, how how my levels of anxiety have gone down as I've been the more I've studied this.

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And so, I mean, for that alone, I'm hooked. But also, I have been applying it to my acting career and getting to pretty cool results, I think. So I have like I said at the top of the show, I have my own award winning Web series and, you know, so I've won awards and that's been fun just from making something all by myself.

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I've been booking some pretty cool jobs. But even more than that, I think even more importantly than all of the sort of physical, tangible things that I can point to is like I manifested that. I brought that into my world. I've just been feeling way better about my career in general because all of these manifestation practices and techniques and all the things that you kind of practice as you do this, it's all taught me to look for and find all of the ways that my dream career is already happening for me right now.

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And one of the major reasons I'm doing this podcast is I would love it if more actors could start recognizing those things. I think it would help a lot of people and make a lot of people much happier. So that's one of my goals for this, is to make happier people. And then then as I was doing my manifesting practices for my acting career and getting into alignment with my desires and taking inspired actions and all of these things, all of a sudden I had this idea for Law of Attraction manifesting conscious creation for actors because I feel like there are so many manifesting practices that actors, because of our training or unique training that

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we go through and how we study the craft of acting, we're uniquely good at these things. So like we have really active imaginations or we tend to, which is really handy for doing visualizing and doing scripting where you're writing out, you know, how you see your ideal day or some kind of story about what could be happening ideally for you and your desire Then there's the practice of acting as if so acting as if you're the person who already has the thing that you want.

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And you know, guys, we create characters all the time. So why not create the character of who we want to be? So you can start figuring out more and more the ways that that person behaves. So like something I've been applying for myself is, you know, six figure earning actress Amy Schiller. How does she walk into auditions and how does she follow up with people and what sort of steps does she take?

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Recently, I just redid my office because I was like, Well, she needs the space to be able to do sell tapes, you know, in a heartbeat. So I did my office I made a dedicated space, a dedicated sort of studio space for myself so that I could create Schiller bits more easily, so that I can do sell tapes more easily.

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You know, that's that's kind of that's what that acting as if stuff is creating that character now and then activating the vibration. So getting into the feeling place of our desire how would we feel when we have that thing starting to feel that way right now? That's just imagine circumstances. So it's the same thing you do when you're trying to figure out you know, in a scene, you know, what's happening to me in this scene and how would that make me feel?

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And so we can do all of this stuff for ourselves right now. This is the stuff that's in our wheelhouse, you know? So I was thinking like, is this a book? Is this a course of some kind? I don't know. I just kind of started writing and it was going really, really well. But then all of a sudden I realized that I wanted a community.

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And so I decided I wanted to start kind of sharing my ideas now and finding like minded actors who wanted to explore this stuff with me and try out techniques with me that I was coming up with and that I was having a lot of fun with on my own. But I was like, I bet other actors would find this fun.

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And I kind of want to play with all this stuff with other people. So Boom, podcast and Facebook group were amazing. So the podcast is where we're going to talk about mindset work. We're going to do some fun alignment techniques that I've come up with. You know, we're also going be dealing with a lot of the limiting beliefs that we all have as actors and kind of figuring out how to combat those and and ignore them and tune out some of the negative stuff, you know, as part of this career.

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And then we're going to be, you know, basically practicing all of this stuff, exploring what I'm actively learning. I'm going to be sharing it with you and inviting you to try things out with me. And then the Facebook group, that's where things really get interactive. And I really am hoping that we'll just have tons of posts by various people trying out different things all the time and commenting back and supporting each other and just really like, I don't know, supporting each other in our manifesting and making the careers that we want happen right now.

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So you can find that by going to Facebook dot com slash groups, slash the aligned actor community. You know, like I said, that's where we're going to share our thoughts or ideas. We're going to practice techniques together. I'm already coming up with some ideas for post that we can we can do where we can actually do manifesting techniques just on in a Facebook group.

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That'll be really fun. You know, we can also talk about struggles that we're having and support each other around that celebrate each other's triumphs. Basically, this is where we're going to manifest things together. We're going to support each other. We're going to keep everybody's vibe really high. Yeah, so that's my idea. I'm really, really excited about this. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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I can't wait to get started with all of you. And yeah, that's that's my big idea. And now here are the ways that you can help me out right now. You can subscribe rate and review this podcast. All of that helps more actors find us and, you know, builds. There's some kind of algorithm type stuff with math that I don't I don't know how it all works, but apparently, you know, having subscribers and lots of reviews and ratings and stuff helps other people find you. And then

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yeah, because I want to I want to build this up as a big community of actors who are taking control of their mindsets and manifesting their dream careers. And then also go go to the Facebook group, come join the aligned actor community on Facebook, and we can start playing around with all of this stuff together. And I just imagine that being like a huge group of actors that are just having a big old party together and having a lot of fun.

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So thank you so much for listening to this first episode of The Aligned Actor podcast and go join the Facebook group. I'm really excited to connect with you all in there and like I said at the beginning of this, let's play. Thanks, guys. Bye.

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Thank you so much for spending some time with me today. If you feel inspired to do so, please subscribe Rate Review and share this podcast with your actor pals so that more people can enjoy the good vibes. Also, be sure to join the aligned actor community on Facebook by going to Facebook dot com slash groups, slash the aligned actor community.

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That's the place where this podcast gets interactive. It's a pretty fun party. You're going to want to get in on it. Until next time. Remember, you are an amazing actor and you are creating the career of your dreams. Congrats.