My Top 4 Motivation Tips

We all gotta get stuff done in our lives, so we might as well motivate ourselves in a pleasant way! These are my top 4 tips to get you motivated in a way that feels good. Why beat yourself with a stick when you can munch on a delicious carrot, am I right?!

  1. Imagine the task already done, so you’re focusing on the enticing image of the end result.
  2. Break large tasks down into smaller steps, so they feel easy and manageable.
  3. Make the actual doing of the task as fun and enjoyable as possible.
  4. Use encouraging self-talk ("I got this!") instead of demanding and “shoulding” on yourself.

Implementing these four tips, you’re sure to feel a shift in your motivation that inspires you into glorious action!

Woohoo! Let’s go get stuff done!