My One Year YouTube Challenge (This might be an epic fail, but here we go! 🥳 )

 WHAT AM I THINKING?! 😳 I'm TERRIFIED to share this video because it's a BIG DEAL. I’m making a commitment to myself and to you to show up WEEKLY on YouTube for AN ENTIRE YEAR!

As an actor with over 16 years of professional experience, I'll talk about the actor mindset, and how to keep your mind strong and healthy despite the literal emotional rollercoaster of this career.

As a certified life coach, I'll cover topics like self-care, self-love, stress management, gratitude, focus, emotions, personal development, law of attraction, deliberate creation, and manifesting.

As a mindfulness practitioner, I'll bust some myths around mindfulness and offer easy ways to get started, including some guided exercises.

As a certified neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, I'll explore the fascinating ways that our mind represents our experience and how we can manipulate that to improve our mindset and our life.

I'll also talk about grief, which has been a big part of my adult life since I lost my mother over 15 years ago. I believe that talking about grief and sharing our experiences can help us feel less alone and navigate this horrendous (but very natural) process with more grace and self-compassion.

Lastly, let’s look back at my award-winning, comedic web series, SchloerBITS, and dissect it through the lens of a life coach. Fun times!

Thank you for joining me for this journey. Leave me a comment, wish me luck, and let me know what topics you're interested in. Maybe you’ll inspire a future video!

See you next week!