My Dog 🐶 OUTSMARTED me and knows his ABCs!

My dog, Dusty, is a genius! This little smartypants has figured out that he can get DOUBLE TREATS out of us just by separating his #1 and #2 potty breaks. Brilliant!

This got me thinking about my favorite motto: ABC: "Always Be Celebrating.” Dusty celebrates his little wins (each step of his bodily elimination process), in the same way I like to celebrate every step of my journey toward a goal. 

By celebrating my progress I've noticed a positive change in my mindset, more supportive inner dialogue, and my inner critic is much easier to manage.

So, let's all embrace the power of “ABC” and find reasons to celebrate our big and small victories. Whether it's achieving goals or simply making progress, let's acknowledge and cheer ourselves on. Share what you're celebrating in your life, and I'll celebrate with you.

See you next week!