I am NOT an acting career coach.

Just to clear this up…

Yes, I’m an actor, and yes, I am a coach....but I AM NOT an acting career coach. I can’t tell you which workshops to take, which headshot will get you called in, or how to get an agent. None of it. There are people who do that, but that’s not what I do.

I am a personal development coach, meaning I help you transform and expand as a whole person within your life and career. Together we'll uncover the ways you are holding yourself back and what shifts you can make to move forward.

Furthermore, I will always answer your career questions with another question:

🤔“Should I take a workshop?”

🤷🏼‍♀️”How do you FEEL about taking a workshop?”

🤔“Should I get new headshots?”

🤷🏼‍♀️How do you FEEL about getting new headshots?

🤔“Should I send out postcards?” 

🤷🏼‍♀️How do you FEEL about sending out postcards?

(Do you sense a theme?)


How do you FEEL about taking the action?

✅ Does the action makes you feel inspired and excited? Great! Go for it!

🙄 Does it make your feel eye rolling, soul-crushing misery? Um, let’s reconsider, shall we? (at least for now)

The work we do together is about discovering and fortifying your IDENTITY as the actor/human you want to be in the industry. We’ll tap into your inner guidance, making it so strong that you’re taking inspired action that delights you, makes you feel like your best actor self, and propels you forward in your career and life.

And, yeah, there will be some basic actions you’ll need to take as an actor. But there’s a BIG difference between taking a workshop, getting new headshots, or sending postcards as an actor doesn’t really want to, but is desperate to do anything to book work, and taking those same actions as an actor who is genuinely excited to share their talent, capture their true essence, or build professionally relationships.

The beauty is, when you fully embody the identity of the actor YOU want to be, you’ll feel great about ALL your career actions because you will only be taking the actions that are right for you and you will be taking them from a place of genuine passion and purpose.

That’s the transformational journey you’ll take with me. That’s the fun we’ll have. That’s the work we’ll do together.