Horribly Unpleasant Ways to Motivate Yourself

In a previous video I gave you My Top 4 Motivation Tips (Watch it here). Those tips are great, and you should definitely check out that video, but sometimes new ideas are hard to implement because old habits are getting in the way.  

That’s what this video is all about. Chances are you have some old, horribly unpleasant motivation strategies to unlearn and let go of.  

Maybe you use fear and anxiety to motivate yourself into action making all your tasks feel super stressful. That’s okay! You can shift that to anticipation and excitement!  

Maybe you demand and command yourself into action with negative self-talk that makes you feel miserable. Again, that’s okay. Let’s shift to kinder, more affirming self-talk.  

Identifying and becoming aware of the unhelpful ways you access motivation is step one of being able to motivate yourself in ways that feel good…and likely make you more productive, too. Double win!