Working in a creative industry is hard.

Don't make it harder on yourself.


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Taming your Inner Critic and ditching its deflating stories and opinions.

Letting loose your Inner Fan and its uplifting, inspiring, & motivating support.

Embodying the role you were born to play and aligning your actions with your goals.


All with the support and encouragement of a community of fellow creatives who get what you're going through.

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What students say...

As actors, we take a lot of classes to work on our craft, but we often forget about the crucial element to our career longevity: our mindset.

This class helped me take a pause and look within to get realigned with what I want from this career, and what I can be doing to set myself up for success from the inside, out.

Amy not only guides you to release anything that's holding you back, but she gives you practical exercises to help you reframe your mindset around your acting, your career, and yourself in a really helpful way.

I feel grounded, aligned and excited to get back to the work!

Thank you Amy!!

- Cassidy Nash Davis

First, Amy thank you. You gave me the insight to attack all these negative scripts I wasn't even aware of. Second, My new favorite question is "How would my next level self handle this. Am I living up to his standards?"

- Ralph Lammie Jr.

Amy Schloerb is a kind, giving, and intellectual actor that has developed a program that exudes all of those qualities. If you want a clear plan of attack to level up your career as an actor this program is for you!

- Matt McHale

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