About Me

I am an actor.

I made my stage debut at the tender age of three when I played Snow White in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and refused to eat the poisoned apple. Fortunately, I went on to study Theatre (and Sociology) at Hamilton College and actually learned how to act. 


I turned pro in 2006 when I took a shot next to future Oscar-nominee, Jonah Hill in the comedy Superbad. Since then, I’ve done commercials for numerous brands and appeared on such TV shows as Black-ish, Criminal Minds, and The Kids Are Alright. I also created and entirely solo-produced (literally from writing to distribution) the award-winning, one-woman, comedy web series SchloerBITS, mostly during my son’s nap time. For more on all of that, you can visit my actor web page and IMDb.


As an actress, I’ve tried just about every show biz and marketing strategy in the book -  postcards, CD workshops, classes, networking events, drop-offs, emails, social media, content creation, 99-seat theater, etc - all in hopes that I could build a successful acting career.


I thought, “If I just do all the things that everyone says I should be doing, then I’ll be successful.”


So I hustled and hustled and never turned off my actor brain because I believed that if I did, well then, clearly I didn’t want it bad enough. And yet, the #actorhustle and all the fear-based thinking associated with it was actually holding me apart from my dreams. It was sucking the joy and wonder out of something that once only held joy and wonder for me.


What I now know from years of studying, applying, and achieving results with deliberate creation and other personal development work, is that following anyone else’s path to success is an absolute no-go. I can mine ideas from those who came before me, but just because something worked for them does not guarantee that it will work for me. I know that my only path to success is the one I create and walk for myself with inspiration and joy.


I am a deliberate creator.

My first introduction to deliberate creation (aka manifesting) came from the movie The Secret. I watched it with a friend, found it interesting, and then attempted to only think happy, positive thoughts because I was terrified that thinking anything else would lead to manifesting utter devastation.


I read some books, took some workshops, gained more and more understanding, but it wasn’t until I was introduced to Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe University that my understanding of deliberate creation became much calmer and clearer.


I learned that manifesting is not just thinking “the happiest, best possible thoughts” so that I only manifest the happiest, best possible outcomes. It’s about gently turning away from limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold me back, and instead focusing on “better feeling thoughts” that inspire me forward to create the life I want.


For me, manifesting is about leveraging my ability to evaluate, adjust, and focus my thoughts about myself and the world around me in a way that allows me to enjoy life more and take inspired action to create what I want. And it’s definitely not about completely shutting out any and all negative feelings, but instead about experiencing and processing all of my feelings so that they don’t inhibit me.


Engaging principles of deliberate creation has brought success to my career and my life. I’ve manifested auditions, bookings, agents, awards, and completed screenplays. Clarifying my true career desires, concentrating on inspired action instead of “actor hustle,” and prioritizing my own inner guidance above all else has advanced my career and brought peace to my mind like nothing else.

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I am a coach.

The most recent addition to my identity is that of life coach, which perfectly intermingles my above passions. I created The Aligned Actor because I want to share my knowledge of deliberate creation and personal development with people who are ready to create their own path to success. Under the guidance of Lisa M. Hayes of The Coaching Guild, I am gaining the skills required to uplift, inspire and embolden my fellow humans in mastering their own mindsets, showing up with confidence, and creating their dream lives with excitement, ease, and joy.


I may never be “a successful actor” in the way that I thought I would be when I first started out, but I know am creating a rich, full life that I will look back on with pride and joy. I am not “pursuing” a career in acting, as if it’s some far off prize to be won. I am engaging in my acting career, right here and right now. I am confident in my craft, confident in my mindset, and most importantly, I am confident in my value as an actor, artist, and creative collaborator in the entertainment industry. That self-assurance is worth more than any award I could ever win, and it is what I want for you and your life, too!

Also About Me
I am a mom.

Despite its many challenges, being a mom is the best day job in the world. I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to spend my time away from set playing and learning with my energetic and hilarious 4-year-old son.

I am a wife.

My partner-in-parenting-and-life is actor-director-producer, Michael May. He is currently the creator, exec-producer, and host of Motor Trend’s Auto/Biography. We are fiercely supportive of each other’s creative endeavors and champion one another as we create our dreams.

I am a daughter.

As an only child, I have always been incredibly close to my parents and I am forever grieving the loss of my mother in 2008. My connection to her and her influence on me remains ever present in my life and is reflected in my own parenting style and approach to life. From her and my dad I learned to live life with humor and love.